8 Must Haves for the 2022 Extraordinary Practitioner

Wed, Dec 15, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Conventional standards and legacy strategies may have worked well yesterday, but now these processes demand to be re-examined, updated, and fine-tuned if your organization is going to grapple with the disruptive challenges of 2022.

More importantly, the successful business continuity professional in 2022 must adopt a certain mindset that focuses on providing REAL value to the organization. A mindset that has visualizes, develops, guides, coaches, and motivates key stakeholders within your organization for ‘What’s Next.’

The Extraordinary Practitioner of 2022 may not be known as an industry leader, a conference speaker, or a ninja. But he/she is recognized within their own organization as someone who consistently contributes value and often speaks with insights that no one else has. Why? Because they know the organization inside & out. They know the people of the organization perhaps better than anyone else. They know the breadth and width of the organization’s vulnerabilities to business interruptions. With the right mindset, you can be inquisitive, analytical, and forward-thinking by knowing how you can leverage this capability to protect the organization and further your own career.

Staying ahead of readiness requires a state of constant improvement!
Join us to learn the 8 must-haves practices every practitioner will need to embrace in 2022!
Find out what important shifts you can make now that will cause seismic differences next year.

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