Embracing Digital Transformation with Orchestration

Wed, Aug 18, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Digital Transformation is impacting all areas of business, including IT Operations, Cyber Security, Physical Security, and Disaster Recovery. The rapid adoption of the hybrid work environment only escalates the need to break down Process silos within an organization to maintain a competitive edge, and respond to Critical Events. Different areas of organizations also already a plethora of tools and technology investments to support specific functions. The challenge often is that these systems, and processes are disjointed, reducing operational efficiency. Tool and Process Orchestration are essential to bridge the divide between disparate systems to restore operational confidence and maximize incident response effectiveness. A Key factor to this success is combining Orchestration seamlessly with unified communication and collaboration.

Join us as Bart Rys, Director, Business Solutions walks us through:

  • The Role of Orchestration on Acceleration on Digital Transformation
  • Expanding the value of current investments through Orchestration and Response Automation while eliminating silos
  • Holistic protection of operations by Integrating Cyber Security into Business Continuity Planning
  • How the Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform can help

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