Beyond Definitions: Making DEI Relevant to the Continuity Industry (BT3-01)

Wed, Feb 23, 2023 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

There is a lot of focus in corporate America on diversity and DEI initiatives. Each of us has become a series of adjectives to describe and divide us. Young versus old; black versus brown versus Asian versus white; disabled versus not; LGBTQ+ versus straight – the list is endless. We are challenged to change our beliefs and have difficult discussions, yet we are not given the safe path to do so.

This interactive session is designed to provide a safe environment to explore your ideas about DEI and the opportunity to ask questions to people with different life experiences. We will discuss the issues that impact you and try to share ways to see both sides of the debate. We will also highlight the benefits of DEI in the BC/DR profession to shape the future of our profession. DEI can be a paradigm shift in your interpersonal relationships where diverse groups can be more innovative, productive, and engaged.

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