Adaptation and Transformation: Charting Baylor Scott & White’s Journey Towards Resilience in Healthcare

Wed, Feb 21, 2024 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Managing a business continuity program is tough enough. Managing over 50 hospitals for a prominent non-profit healthcare system in the United States, and a leader in healthcare innovation, is even tougher. Join us to discover Baylor Scott & White Health’s transition towards a more automated, data-focused healthcare system. This session will outline their journey of creating a program foundation, gaining buy-in, and implementing an automation strategy to improve compliance, minimize risks, and enhance resilience. This detailed session will also highlight their steps towards dynamic dashboards and effective communication strategies with stakeholders. Topics include:

  • Gaining Initial Buy-In.
  • Failures, Challenges, and Improvements.
  • Focusing on Data (and drivers to data).
  • Automation and Giving Stakeholders what they want (quicker access to data!).

Join us for an insightful look into Baylor Scott & White’s innovative approach to meeting healthcare challenges, ensuring top-notch patient care, and maintaining operational efficiency in a complex healthcare environment.

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