Wed, Jul 26, 2023 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Where the process of business continuity planning is relevant, practical, and applicable.

Senior leadership often sees business continuity planners as a drain on resources. Organizations are much more complex today and thinking far beyond what was required just a few years ago.

To truly unlock the potential of a business continuity program, we must move beyond developing plans that may never be used to building a network of knowledgeable, trained, and ready people.

  1. Is our approach to business continuity undermining what we are trying to accomplish? Resiliency!
  2. Does our very attitude and process work against us?
  3. Do we lack the core fundamentals because we have not been properly trained?
  4. How do mindsets change when implementing a BC Program?

This is where simplified strategies, straightforward plans, and having an engaging process leads to your success. We will share theses success in this webinar.

Come and find out what are the most important components of business continuity program, learn how other organizations have integrated their programs, what ‘drives’ their program, how they ensure progress is achieved by what whey measure, and how to gain buy-in, ownership and participation using this simple and easy strategy.

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