Convergence of Cybersecurity and BCM: Cyber-Attack Planning and Response

Wed, June 17, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

We are in what can be best described as a global cyber crisis, and the future is too hazy to predict even a few weeks out. While we see greater recognition of the cyber problem and its impact on business, the implementation efforts are still found wanting. In case of a cyber-attack, the large majority of businesses have not yet initiated any conversation around business continuity, and the action plans to restore operations to normalcy. A well-orchestrated cyber-focused business continuity program builds organizational resilience to prepare, absorb, recover, and adapt to adversarial cyber-attacks.

Join this webinar with Michael Redmond where she elaborates why blurring the line between managing cybersecurity and business continuity is necessary to handle any cyber-attack on your enterprise.

This session will include: Why executive buy-in has to be ensured in supporting cybersecurity as a business issue, and engaging in responsive efforts. How to evaluate the current state of one’s organization’s business continuity program (if it exists). What is needed to bridge the gap between the current BCP program, and one that is built to withstand cyber incidents, and restoring operations to normalcy

Speakers: Michael C. Redmond – Director, IT & GRC Consultant and Auditor, EFPR Group Hrishikesh Choudhari – Architect – Solutions Engineering, MetricStream

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