The Power of Exercising – Optimizing Evaluation

Wed, Jun 26, 2024 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

2Incident responses of varying sizes and complexities are carried out by governments, businesses, and NGOs across the world; and evaluations or assessments of these responses are conducted without always producing measurable and actionable results. Frequent testing and exercising can provide an invaluable opportunity to test plans, processes, and response capabilities. However, lasting value is created only to the extent that observations are turned into lessons learned and used for future improvement.

In the ongoing webinar series on the power of exercising, presented by 4C Strategies, we will turn our focus to evaluation processes – how can you ensure the consistent collection of high-quality evaluation data, that will lead to change?

Join our panelists on June 26: Shawn Essert, Principal Shell Emergency Management Systems, and US Coast Guard Commander (Ret) Agneta Dahl, Certified Master Exercise Practitioner of Paratus LLC, have reviewed ten years of evaluation feedback from global spill response exercises, to develop methods and guidelines to overcome common evaluation challenges.

They will be joined for an interactive discussion by 4C Strategies Principal Consultant Ben White, who in his 16 years of experience has led numerous exercises and training sessions around the world.

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