What 2020 Taught Us About Risk and Resiliency

Wed, Mar. 10, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Following a year unlike any other, risk management professionals have begun the essential work of evaluating how their own Business Continuity Management (BCM) programs and plans withstood the tests of extraordinary disruption. The response and recovery process around the global pandemic was truly unique, in terms of its scope across all aspects of business operation, its duration, and its global reach. The challenge has spurred an acceleration of a preexisting trend, the push for BCM programs to break out of functional or divisional siloes and account for the vast interdependencies that make our businesses run.

This session will explore some of the areas businesses are adjusting their strategies and operations in response to these challenges, as well as associated changes to risk and BCM practices. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • How are business leaders shifting focus and priorities around business transformation as a result of the pandemic?
  • What opportunities exist to support the transformation of Risk Management and BCM in conjunction with business transformation?
  • What are some common steps associated with furthering BCM and its intersection with Operational Risk?
  • How are organizations working to engage and involve a broader set of stakeholders into the process of identifying and measuring risk?

Ben Desjardin, Vice President, Marketing, Archer, an RSA Business
Stacey Jonasen, CBCP, Dir IT – Resilience & Risk Management Enterprise Business Resilience Technology and Operations, Franklin Templeton
Patrick Potter, Risk Management Strategist, Archer, an RSA Business

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