Could you Recover From a Cyberattack?

Wed, Mar 6, 2024 2:00 PM -3:00 PM EDT

Cybercrime continues to be the number one worry for most organizations, and for good reason. Veeam’s 2024 Data Protection Trends Report found that cyberattacks were the most common reason for an outage — and the most impactful. But defending against cyberattacks is only one part of a holistic plan for surviving a ransomware attack. Could you recover if cyber criminals targeted your organization?

During our upcoming webinar, we will discuss how to create a holistic cyber resilience strategy that considers ongoing technical drift and changes. Plus, we’ll show you:

  • How recovery is different for traditional disasters versus cyber incidents.
  • What options are available to ensure you have a data protection solution that provides immutability and makes you less vulnerable to attack.
  • How to create a recovery management program that prioritizes your most critical applications and data.
  • Why you need to assess and quantify your risk of a breach before it happens.
  • How our comprehensive, award-winning solution can help you reduce the risk of being unable to recover from a cyber incident.

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