The Pandemic Response Lifecycle: Strategies for long-term recovery planning in a dynamic environment

Wed, May 6, 2020 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

So you’re in your life boat, attempting to survive a world-wide pandemic event and return your organization to “normal”. Unfortunately, many predict that we will remain in continuous flux until a vaccination is readily available, which could be as much as 12-18 months away. Traditional business continuity planning attempts to outline steps to recovery that typically follows a linear timeframe, wherein the environment is stable and your return to normal is possible with easily defined action steps.

The pandemic environment is vastly different. Recovery will be impacted by things out of your control- such as local government restrictions, new geographical outbreaks. With each step towards “normal,” we may see the environment shifting us two steps backwards. So how can business continuity professionals adapt to long-term recovery events?

This webinar will focus on the development of your response strategy in this new age. We will cover the “Traditional BC Lifecycle” and compare it to our vision of a “Pandemic Response Lifecycle”. We will describe the model’s phases and triggers. We will also use case history to identify the recovery strategies you must consider as you develop a long-term recovery plan that minimizes the flux a pandemic event brings.

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