Operational Resilience for Cloud Workloads With Real-Time Visibility

Wed, Nov 3, 2021 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Please join AWS’s Senior Compliance Specialist, Sundeep Bhasin, as he dives into a discussion on cloud migrations and digital transformations with Cutover’s Head of Global Resilience, Steve Piggott.

As we continue to embrace digital transformation and adopt agile software development practices, executing critical events faster with more confidence becomes key to Cloud adoption velocity, competitive advantage, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Reducing cloud onboarding time by between 25-50% and event execution time by 50% are compelling and actual business outcomes. Learn how we help customers simplify their Cloud journey by offering a single automated solution for all applications and workloads. This can be done from any source infrastructure, complete with real-time 360 visibility, and dynamic editability.

The ability for customers to execute DR for their Cloud workloads has never been so easy, fast, and repeatable.

Sundeep Bhasin – Senior Compliance Specialist, AWS
Steve Piggott – Global Head of Enterprise Resilience, Cutover
Ann Ghanie – Senior CSM Regulatory Lead, Cutover
(Moderator) Mark Heywood – Resilience Expert

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